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What's up guys, I've been playing LoL since season 2 and actually have some ancient guides I've made on this site from around season 3-4 on my original account named XxRokasxX which has unfortunately been permabanned (Along with several other alt accs) in LoL. Truly sad but I've been trying to stay more positive and less toxic on this brand spanking new account and decided I wanted to make some fun guides again! You may also have seen me go by "XxRokas13xX", "Mad Deeps", "Rito Morello", "BlackCrimeRate", and "BrownCrimeRate"! I'd love to reconnect with anyone I've added/played with on those accounts if you happen across this profile!

I main Top and Jungle for the most part although I can support if needed but am a jack of all trades when it comes to casual matches! I have some amount of experience on almost every single champion in the game and love to push the boundaries when it comes to breaking the meta!!!!

~Hope to see you on the rift~
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