So i noticed my Irelia guide is just dropping like a boss in vote. really dunno why, especially since people just dont leave comments :(. for some reason, I just really think MobaFire should allow the owner of the guide to actually know who downvoted a guide. or maybe make it a requirement to leave a comment when downvoting. could really allow ppl to report those trolls who just put like a "..." or something o.O.

anyways, im wanna start on a new guide, but I really dunno who yet. and after i do decide, i'd like to play the champion more. i'd also like to write a guide on a champ people dont really have good guides on. would be nice to see my guide near the top :D Or maybe ill just make a guide for the sake of it.

Fiora (really needa try her in a real game though...waiting for free in Chinese servers...)

Any suggestions or comments???