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17 Oct
Hello Everyone:

Though I still play quite a lot of solotop, I haven't been playing Irelia at all recently. I've been moving on to other champions such as Aatrox. Consequently, there is some content in my guide that is becoming more and more outdated, and with my lack of knowledge on her current status in the game, I won't be able to give my guide updates.

I just wanted to notify everyone that my guide will not be receiving much updates. If I find myself over the next couple weeks still not playing Irelia, I may just archive the guide.

- A Chubby Baby
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18 Mar
So, I've just noticed how sad it was for Riot to not keep Urf, the Manatee.

Just because he was an April Fool's joke, doesn't mean they have to take him out of the game completely (with the occasional appearance in a couple of skins). They should've just kept him as a champion and just not make him so bad. Especially his passive lol.

Like you know, Lee Sin. He wasn't actually blind when he was released, but he was ACTUALLY released, unlike our dearest Urf.

Sad. Just sad.

I hope Riot doesn't do something so disappointing to their fans this coming April Fools.

Yea, that's it....
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