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20 Mar

Views: 1073 Archiving Irelia Guide

soz...just a note, if you were wondering where my irelia guide went, i archived it. because of the recent heavy nerfs on hiten style, i'd like to play some more irelia and see if any builds should change and all. also overall gameplay will probably change.
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13 Mar
So i noticed my Irelia guide is just dropping like a boss in vote. really dunno why, especially since people just dont leave comments :(. for some reason, I just really think MobaFire should allow the owner of the guide to actually know who downvoted a guide. or maybe make it a requirement to leave a comment when downvoting. could really allow ppl to report those trolls who just put like a "..." or something o.O.

anyways, im wanna start on a new guide, but I really dunno who yet. and after i do decide, i'd like to play the champion more. i'd also like to write a guide on a...
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12 Mar you can tell, i really enjoy reviewing new guides. however i do notice how many people just publish their guide before it's even done. dont do that. in fact, i find it even worst if you mention you arent finished with your guide. just wait and finish it, and then release it for commenting and voting. you may get downvotes quite easily as many ppl tend to vote just by the appearance of a guide. if you arent done coding or editing, simply archive your guide and unarchive it when you are done making changes.

so if you are reading this, and you plan to release a guide in the next 5...
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11 Mar
Soz today I was playing Chinese LoL with my friends, and I was playing Shyvana. Then suddenly, I got this weird bug and I noticed my auto-attacks got aome extra sound. And then, I FOUND OUT I HAD A PASSIVE SHYVANA Q. which meant, i was twin biting with each attack, which was supposed to be a single attack. no need to press Q for twin bite. It just procs. Really funny. Just lasted for the game though. But really funny, as my phage basically proced with just one attack this way I almost always got a slow. and when i lifesteal, it would proc twice. sadly we lost, cuz we had a dumb lee singer...
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07 Mar
soz, saving quite a load of ip. i just really dunno what to do with it. more runes or get another champion?

got max number of rune pages

dunno what specific runes to purchase

got most champs, possible considerations: ahri, alistar, fiora, ziggs
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