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A Chubby Baby's Mobafire Blog

06 May

Views: 683 Upcoming Review Guide

so hi guys. anyways if you were wondering where my so called champ guide went, i never actually finished it D:. sry for that, if anyone of you were actually looking foward to it.

anyways ima actually make a review guide this time cuz i really like how the whole thing works. just needa make my own system and all.

and i promise im not gonna bail out on this one :D.

cya soon.
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01 May
so after looking through the patch notes, here is what i have to say:
  • new mode, pretty cool
  • irelia skin, really? now that's another one i have to look foward too (needa see the ingame look and all)
  • renekton is one of my more favorite champs now, so ill have to check out his new skin too
  • the new rune tool will be really helpful, now i dun have to keep going back to check if i even have this rune, or how many of one i have
  • amumu is hot, so thats a good buff on his ulti :)
  • annie gets buffed again. i dunno what to say. maybe ill start playing some annie :P....
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22 Apr
soz...i just found out after patching the LoL client, i cant open the log in client after clicking the play button. kinda sad. it was the small patch after the main hecarim one that happened like two days ago. not sure what to do now. anyone meet this problem too? i could really use some help cuz here redownloading the client and reinstalling takes forever...
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