so after looking through the patch notes, here is what i have to say:
  • new mode, pretty cool
  • irelia skin, really? now that's another one i have to look foward too (needa see the ingame look and all)
  • renekton is one of my more favorite champs now, so ill have to check out his new skin too
  • the new rune tool will be really helpful, now i dun have to keep going back to check if i even have this rune, or how many of one i have
  • amumu is hot, so thats a good buff on his ulti :)
  • annie gets buffed again. i dunno what to say. maybe ill start playing some annie :P.
  • IRELIA BUFF, HELL YEA, SO HAPPY. ima start playing some irelia again now :D
  • hmm, ryze was interesting, guess ill have to try the new ryze to see how different he really is now.
  • kinda sad about the soraka nerfs. i was just shown how awesome AP soraka is. zzzz ...
  • yay talon buff
  • derp on ww. i just got him not long ago. and now this. omg. the new champs im getting are getting nerfed like a boss.
  • they've been nerfing heal a lot after the buff. now 100 HP at lvl 1 really isnt that good...
  • now because of this new deathfire's thingy, ima start considering it for ppl :D. MAYBE ILL REVIVE MY AP SHACO ADDICTION AGAIN!

p.s. i think ima start doing this more often. maybe. ill see. hmm. lalala.
p.p.s. put your own thoughts too, if you want, :D