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A Chubby Baby's Mobafire Blog

30 Jun
so i was enjoying my testing of malphite's different builds in a custom game, and when i started to go the DPS style, i pwned. however, during the 58 min mark, for some reason, the game bugged when i ulti to kill trundle, and i couldn't move. so lame. so i lost cuz bots still know how to push o.O

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05 Jun
so after looking through the patch notes, here is what i have to say:
  • ahri nerf! yay, cuz i dun play her :)
  • darius nerf! yay, cuz i lost to him quite a few times o.O
  • hmm. i might consider playing some more ezreal now
  • derp. just got into graves and now the nerf. or kind of. guess now he can burst even more.
  • yay, jax nerf! been seeing lots of jax players carrying their games
  • poor kog'maw. but seriously, i did think his living artillery did way too much dmg
  • wow. that nocturne change. so effective. 1 point of healing at lvl 3...
  • renekton buff! now...
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26 May
hi all,

so though i actually got to lvl 30 in my CHN server not long ago, i've never actually decided to play a ranked game until today. and guess what...I WON!. yay. anyways, i might be playing some ranked every now and then. first score was 9/0/9 with Riven solotop. should've screenshot the results but yea. that's all.

the game was quite simple. i was in a great team comp, against a bad one. i was against 2 champs, veigar and sion, and i raped veigar like a boss. and yea gg cuz riven got fed.

anyways, i hope i can win some more. once i get a bronze medal, ill be very happy, as...
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23 May

Views: 976 Darius Patch Thoughts

so after looking through the patch notes, here is what i have to say:
  • so far, i really like the addition of athene's holy grail. hope riot will keep this up to have an upgrade for items that dont scale well late game
  • derp on PD nerf. i just started getting into AD carries and now this, but it still wont stop me from playing graves~
  • i dont play ranked or draft, but yea, good change
  • good rupture buff
  • dr. mundo nerf again? o well, doesn't affect me
  • dark wind with increased dmg to minions...not sure what to say about this...
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14 May

Views: 1616 Practicing with a Champion

So I would like to actually play and practice a champ more because I seriously have a bunch of champs and I dunno who to master properly. Hence, I may even make a guide on this champion, but that's unconfirmed for now. The following champs are my possibilities:

Graves (want to learn at least one AD carry)
Irelia (want to get used to her nerf and play her more too, then i can also improve my guide)
Jarvan IV (seems fun, but really i dont know much about him)
Leona (hardcore support role)
Shen (solotop and since he's so popular now)
Vladimir (though i keep...
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