so after looking through the patch notes, here is what i have to say:
  • ahri nerf! yay, cuz i dun play her :)
  • darius nerf! yay, cuz i lost to him quite a few times o.O
  • hmm. i might consider playing some more ezreal now
  • derp. just got into graves and now the nerf. or kind of. guess now he can burst even more.
  • yay, jax nerf! been seeing lots of jax players carrying their games
  • poor kog'maw. but seriously, i did think his living artillery did way too much dmg
  • wow. that nocturne change. so effective. 1 point of healing at lvl 3...
  • renekton buff! now more motivated to play him. IMO, he didnt really need a buff. pretty balanced guy. but wtv, works for me too
  • SHEN NERF! WTF. seriously riot. what's up with the buff like mad and nerf ever mad-er later thingy?
  • hmm. swain buff is good. i personally know someone who would be very happy about that :)
  • soul reaver draven looks pretty beast. like blue glowly substance-style draven
  • i love draven's ult. just puts so much utility into this guy
anyways. thought this patch was balanced. didnt affect champs i play and in fact buffed some of them.

comments or questions? post away~