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29 Oct
Aram is my new favorite map. Seriously so fun. And poke-team comps are just way too fun. NIDALEE FTW! JAYCE FTW! TF FTW! And above all my favorite:

I love the map. So happy Riot made it the "new" map.

Hopefully more superbly fun maps like Aram will be made soon. I will look foward to them. And it's very time efficient. Lots of fun, for about 20 min each.

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23 Jul
so after 52 ranked games, i feel like that i needa goal, else im just playing for fun. new goal is to seriously get back to silver medal. i'm at 1328 ELO right now, and i was just about to get to a silver, and ended up dropping back down. let's see how my luck is doing...

champs i plan to play more of are just Xin Zhao, and probably Riven, cuz it's been like 30 ranked games since i've played Riven, and i found her the one who got me to gold...
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23 Jul
so here i'll be discussing my ranked journey for the NA server, as i finally have some green ping :D.

game 1 - technically i didnt even play this game. not even sure when it occurred. nevertheless, it was still my first ranked game, and the person lost (person who happens to be my friend but doesn't listen to the "dont play ranked cuz it's still my account" blah blah blah command o.O). ZZZ.

game 2 - yay. won. played graves. score: 7/1/8. enemy team sucked. farmed like a madman. i died in our last teamfight T_T. apparently people don't have the sense to keep the AD carry...
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16 Jul

Views: 884 Champ I Want To Play

So I've played every champion in the game already, but I haven't found another one that I want to keep practicing till now. Because I get bored of champs easily, I like to have a couple that I wanna practice with at once.

With the PBE notes (which are often quite correct), I am obsessed about the new Xin Zhao rework. I was always a fan of Xin Zhao. However, because all you needed to do in the past was to shut down his early game to win, I never really played him much later when ppl learned to counter him easily.

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