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A Chubby Baby's Mobafire Blog - Tag: New Guide

02 Apr that i've been playing more and more solotop, i have some new thoughts about whom i might wanna write a new guide for.


any comments, questions, or recommendations?

btw, my guides will be about the solotop role, but i may include other possibilities. eg. jungle lee singer, mid talon
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11 Mar
Soz today I was playing Chinese LoL with my friends, and I was playing Shyvana. Then suddenly, I got this weird bug and I noticed my auto-attacks got aome extra sound. And then, I FOUND OUT I HAD A PASSIVE SHYVANA Q. which meant, i was twin biting with each attack, which was supposed to be a single attack. no need to press Q for twin bite. It just procs. Really funny. Just lasted for the game though. But really funny, as my phage basically proced with just one attack this way I almost always got a slow. and when i lifesteal, it would proc twice. sadly we lost, cuz we had a dumb lee singer...
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