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Jan 20th, 2013
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May 25th, 2013
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Feb 1st, 2014
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Nov 9th, 2013


Captain of Feel The Vibe, FTV for short. I started dominion and did not play any SR until I had well over 2k dominion games played. Back when lolmatches and jabebot was around I had a dominion elo of 2430 at one point and had quite a long queue time unless other high elo dominion players were in queue at the time. I could of gotten myself to a higher elo but I didn't like spamming kassadin, yorick and urgot every game.

I can play many champions well but my preferred roles are Bruiser, tank, and ap casters. In dominion I prefer bot lane since that is how I got myself to high elo. After nearly 4k dominion games I have become pretty proficient in all roles, although I will admit I don't enjoy playing carries since I like to be the one to initiate or peel.

These days I don't like doing solo queue blind pick anymore. I get a queue time of 20 minutes minimum only to match against a bunch of players spamming face roll champions like kassadin, jayce, kha'zix. Normally I will do in house draft or ARAMs most of the time. ARAMs are quite fun for me since I can play most champs better than average and it gives me an opportunity to try out different builds to see how they work in team fights.