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01 Dec

Views: 820 Just shut up and play

I was playing Ranked before and in the lobby I notice there were no champions displayed in the window. So I think ok, I'll just search the names and pick that way. No dice. I even tried clicking randomly where the champions should be and it didn't even pick anything.

So I told my team I couldn't select any champ and I'd be playing a random. So we all watch as the pick timer goes down and bam, I get random Karma (I own every champ but 5). Instantly the chat erupts into full rage mode with people swearing and telling me to "dodge noob". Meanwhile I'm trying to tell them it's fine...
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01 Dec
I just thought I'd post my criteria on what is a good guide/build, what I like and especially what I hate.

In a general sense I recommend based on these criteria;

Summoner Spells, Runes, Skill Sequence, CORE ITEM BUILD, Masteries and how well written and presented a guide is.

Pretty simple? Yes. Easy to get a recommendation? Wrong.

Wrong because I am extremely stubborn about my opinions (my opinions are right). Generally what ticks me off is if I tell someone what I think is better and they completely ignore my points and say theirs is still better....
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01 Dec

Views: 2063 I'm scrimming against CLG

Team Mindfreak will square off against CLG.

The match is scheduled for;

WE ended up scrimming a different team apparently I jumped the gun on this one, date TBA

If someone is streaming I'll edit this closer to the time and add the stream in!

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