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Im aegis, I play league of legends during the last 2 hours of the day, and all day on weekends. I also like to play minecraft.

I got bored so i decided to write a story about my league of legends experience so far. I also wanted to have it written down somewhere. I typed this all on my ipod so my spelling and stuff will suck. Sorry. First off, thanks for reading this. It took me a while.

Level 1: joining the League.

My friend and i went to the pool one day in the summer of 2011 and he mentioned a cool game he found. He started talking about nexuses, champions, turrets, and inhibitors and i was listening with slight facination. A few weeks later i got bored (a lot of stuff happens when im bored) and downloaded the game. My computer crashed during the tutorial, so i just skipped it and went to play a bot game. My very first game, i remember it like yesterday, i picked heal and revive and i picked Soraka.

On most games i love Playing support characters. You are always welcome on any team. Also soraka was free that week so she seemed ok for me.

I went to the bottom lane and fed like crazy! I tried to autoattack and heal the enemies. Then i started getting flamed for my failures. I never played a game like LoL before and i was trying to use arrow keys to move!

I went to the store to see what champion i might like, so i bought kayle because she looked kinda cool and was cheap. Played one game with her ever and i hate her. But i dont count that as my first champion. Urgot was free that week so i used him in normal games and did pretty good. I took lots of leaver penulty because my computer sucked and would crash a lot.
Jarvan caught my eye in the store and i started saving up for him. Took me a while but i ended up getting him. Jarvan IV was the first champion i bought. He was great for a few weeks but i never really liked him as much as i did at the begining.
Heres where my story gets foggy. I dont know what champions i was playing here. I think i was saving up for some obscure champion for a while. I know i played jarvan a lot but i dont know what else.

Level 15: EUREKA!

This section is called what it is because this is when i got good at the game. It was garen free week so i looked at his skills and tried him out. My very first game i used Spin to Crit Here is the build and i fell in love. I spent all my IP on garen and used him TONS. I became verg good for my level and was having tons of fun. Until my computer stopped this for me.

My computer used to suck. No free RAM, overheated, and laggy. I would end up crashing every other game. I had to play bot games because i got banned for a day for leaving. I wiped my computer and bought a cooling pad that would keep the computer cool. This did the trick and i can use my computer again.

Once again, i got bored so i made a MOBA fire account to comment on the Spin to Crit build. I ended up adding that build creator and Playing with him. I can also play normal games again without crashing. I bought all the demacian champions at this time too.

Level 30: Starting a paradox

Now Ive caught up with myself and this is about to be a paradox. Ive been level 30 for a month or 2 now. I have an AD rune page and an AP rune page, and i haven't bought any more rune pages. I plan on getting more after Christmas. I have mastered one of each type of champion (AD, AP, Tank, Jungler, Support) Garen, Lux, Alistar, Udyr, Taric respectively. I played one ranked game and Im 100% win percent.

Thanks for reading!