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Hay guis dis be AfghanWalrus here on Mobafire.

Don't listen to Lugignaf, I am the jungle king! He is the jungle prince, therefore my son. A lying one too =/
Anyways I've been a member on Mobafire for over a year now, and I used to make guides a lot, and people liked them. I stopped making guides after a while because 1. I was too lazy. 2. The trolls were unbareable 3. Ehh I really wasn't in the mood to make guides anymore lol.
ANYWAYS, what I plan to do with Mobafire is make jungle guides for you all, as well as Solo Top 1v1 matchup tips and a Twisted Treeline Guide, stuff about it, etc. I plan to just give my knowledge of League of Legends, and share it with you all lol! I hope to see you all around, in-game and what not! Cheers 8D
Also, here's a little bit about me League of Legends related.
I've been playing League of Legends since Beta back in around I'd like to say July-ish 2009.
I played only a little bit then, When beta ended I played only like once or twice a week as I was much more into Dota at the time. About in March of 2010 my computer broke down (was fairly old) and my brother got a new one (which I am typing this on now XD). When he got a new one I had lost interest in Dota because we didn't have the WC3 CD to redownload it on the new computer and we had no key (forget what it's called but it's to get on the online portion so you can play with other people) Anyways when I had no more Dota, I made a new account on League and started playing regularly in May 2010, and I began to fall in love with LoL since then. A few months later I discovered Mobafire. This great site taught me many things on LoL, as I followed some guides and made quite a few of my own! Since then I deleted them as you can see why from the above >.> and have just been casually and competitively been playing League of Legends. I have over 1000 wins on League atm and last season I carried myself from 900 elo to 1415 elo in around 4 weeks to achieve Silver rating. A great accomplishment imo. I have participated in League of Legends Tourneys such as go4lol and the Alienware Arena LoL Fall Battlegrounds league with my former team. I have a competitive team atm and it is for 3's and we are very good tbh, we got rank 1 on the 3v3 ladders about 5 days ago and faced Curse in 2 3v3 ranked matches d_d. If anyone wants to scrim us in 3's hit me up by adding me 8D. Anyways yeah that's a little bit about me and my history with League of Legends, hope you enjoy my guides! :D