Hey there folks.

Long time no see.

I've been doing a lot of videos lately, as you all can see, but the reason why is because I have nothing else to do. My school is out for the summer, and League is fun to record. So I do it.

The Garen guide will be a little delayed, because that will become a video amongst itself, because that, to me, feels a lot more creatively satisfying instead of screwing with code to make things look good.

Also, expect a lot more Nautilus and Karma in my vids, because those are my favorites right now.
And the Corki guide is now archived, because no one, I believe, uses it, and was a failure. Almost 10k views though, so...yeah.

List of Videos that will be done ordered

    Nautilus #3-?
    Karma #1-4
    Garen guide

Expect some random games in there, but the Garen guide I will have done by the end of August.

See you then,
Darahas (Aaron)