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Aharan's Mobafire Blog - Tag: of

12 Jul

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Hello there, I'm Darahas, you are you, and this is a blog update.
Sorry for the lack of League of Legends, but my recording device (WeGame [I'm poor, come on]) has finally died on me, so I have to use fraps now, and it's a harsher recorder. I will also no longer broadcast games, because xsplit is stupid and had to go out of beta, meaning I can't record in .mp4 which I need to edit in Windows Movie Maker.

So, the Garen guide is starting to get worked on, grabbing TT footage with him. So yeah.

Also, if you like to watch some video game stuff, go to my YouTube page, where I am putting...
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09 Jun

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Hey there folks.

Long time no see.

I've been doing a lot of videos lately, as you all can see, but the reason why is because I have nothing else to do. My school is out for the summer, and League is fun to record. So I do it.

The Garen guide will be a little delayed, because that will become a video amongst itself, because that, to me, feels a lot more creatively satisfying instead of screwing with code to make things look good.

Also, expect a lot more Nautilus and Karma in my vids, because those are my favorites right now.
And the Corki guide is now archived, because no one,...
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03 Apr
Howdy folks! It's been a long while since I did one of these, and since most people wouldn't care about a 3v3 Garen guide, I might as well annouce that

I am doing a 3v3 Garen guide.

Why, you may ask? Well, Garen is a very, very strong pick on 3v3 for the reason that Tryndamere is strong on it, but for different reasons

1. Both use cooldowns, the most overpowered resource on that map.
2. Both have great mobility and damage if left to farm (Tryndamere more so, just due to his incredible scaling on items. Garen not so much.)
3. Garen has a silence (think of that, a 2.5...
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