I am Darahas/Aharan, you are you, and what's this, a blog!?

So, for the past few months, I have been chugging out League of Legends videos at www.youtube.com/user/aharan648 and doing a podcast with a friend for longer than a year now. But what does this mean for the 3v3 Garen guide? It means that it's indefinitely postponed. My computer simply does not have enough hard drive space to house a project like this and have it be of good quality. Will it happen? Eventually...but not now. Earliest estimate is early 2013, hopefully before May rolls around.

Also, as I have said, I am doing a ton of YouTube videos. They range from commentaries, full games, clips, and a little podcast called "Insert Witty Comment Here". It's about movies and stuff. It would make me very happy if you could send an email containing some topics for the show at inwicohe@gmail.com. Other then that, I am returning to school tomorrow, which leads me into my next and final part.

I am returning back to my school tomorrow for the next nine months, which means I won't be spending much time in League. I'll still pop on for a few games, but I am restricting myself to less online-oriented and time-consuming games like the Mass Effect series, games on my N64 and GameCube, and Steam. Maybe even some WoW.

So, yeah, I have been Darahas/Aharan, you have been you, and this was a blog.