Been awhile.
So yeah, I'm starting to play solo queue Ranked because of the introduction of the new League system. As of 2/1/2013, I placed in Lux's Exemplars, which is Silver Division Five. I'm chronicling my adventures into Ranked over at this thread, which is where I'll be archiving my daily games, with hopefully one game a day put on YouTube.
Also, if you like the music I listen to while playing (that is, if you watched any of the Ranked Climb videos), you can find them here on Pandora.
In addition, I have something coming down the pipeline that I really can't talk about just yet. It'll be good, but that's all I will say. I'll update when that project releases, but until then, this has been "What's This, A Blog!? #5"

You can find me on YouTube and in League of Legends, summoner name Darahas. I'd be willing to duoqueue or just play some games if you add me.