Not gonna make this snazzy, not gonna make this pomp.

I haven't written one of these things in a very long while, because more or less, I stopped browsing MOBAfire. I have never been one for forums (in my entire time here, I have posted only 165 times), and after a falling out with an incident occurring during 2012 and the inhouses, I slowly stopped coming to visit.

Along with that, League of Legends has been increasingly volatile to play. The current metagame is so whacked that any champion who slightly falls out of line gets destroyed, because the best of the best of the best of the best thrash anyone they are against. I have been climbing the ranked ladder despite all of that, where I currently reside at Gold 1. I could very easily hit Platinum, but solo queue is scary.

In the mean time, I've been watching a hell of a lot more anime (I blame Evangelion), a lot more worldly cinema (I blame Kurosawa), and a lot more console games (I blame Persona 4). I have also been pushing out more general content on YouTube on my channel, which you may find here.

Not to mention, I'll be graduating from my high school this year, so schooling has been eating up a large portion of my time. After that, I know I want to go into Game Design of some sort, but in preparation, I'll take a year off to get a job, earn some cash, develop the YouTube a bit more, and go from there.

For whatever reason today, I decided to visit the forums, and I think I might do so a tiny bit more often. I don't know.

See you later,
Darahas (Aaron).