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Alefstrain (Unverified)
Shaco, Trundle, Ryze
Jungler, Caster DPS, Melee DPS


Hey guys! I love LoL, but I play it more for fun rather than competitively. That doesn't mean I like losing though! At the moment, my preferred Champs are....

- Aatrox (Jungler)
- Hecarim (Jungler/Solo Top)
- Kha'Zix (Jungler)
- Nocturne (Jungler)
- Shaco (Jungler)
- Udyr (Jungler)
- Volibear (Jungler)
- Renekton (Solo Top)
- Zed (Solo Top / Mid)
- Twisted Fate (AP Mid)

But, if I had to pick my top 5 Champs from that list, I'd have to say...

1.) Aatrox
2.) Kha'Zix
3.) Udyr
4.) Hecarim
5.) Volibear

I think they're my favorites.... But anyways, I think the whole noob thing is overused, almost to the point that it no longer has meaning. Pretty much if you're having a bad game, you're a noob and end of story *rolls eyes*. I have a ranked team I've started called "N3V3RMORE" if you'd like to join, PM me on MOBAfire or just find me on LoL. My username is Alefstrain, and I welcome any and all who message me!

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