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Fairly new player to League of Legends, about a month playing, progressing quickly(I think at least) to becoming flexible a few Champions, such as Shaco, Ashe, Soraka, Mundo, Irelia, Veigar and a few more. I'm not too great at the game, but I'm pretty decent. I've found one of the best companions I believe for Shaco if you lane/gank together. That would be a Veiger and Shaco combo. I've played many MMOs such as Maplestory, World of Warcraft, Champions Online, Allods, Ragnarok, and more. Fan of FPS but not as much anymore, mostly games like Left4Dead and Team Fortress 2. Mainly PC Gamer along with my trusty PS3. HUGE fan of RTS games such as the Age of Empires series, Starcraft 1&2, the Command and Conquer series, etc.