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Started out as a Kat lover (still am) then wanted something tanky but around ap so I wouldnt have to change runes so in comes amumu. Love the kid. The got a free kayle and love her in dominion. I bought brand and he's fun and all but literally burned out on playing him. Then I decided on a nother caster. I wanted somethhing not in the rotation of used. I saw a great tourny video that used veigar to anti-tank when they had no tank or even start the fight. And nuke. My god can he nuke. I saved and saved till he was all mine. I've actually pissed people off when I don't play something that helps the team but when at lvl 10 u can drop an enemy to 50% or less or pull their fat out of a gank or bad push they tend to stop complaining. Its betterthen amumu when it comes to lock down since it casts faster and even makes the enemy freak out when they are stuck in the middle and BAM, meteor to the dome.