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My name's Maria. I was born in Italy and I'm 21. I love to draw but I'm not so good and I like to laugh and people who make me laugh and feel good. I'm a little shy initally but if the strangers seem good 4 me and I have something in common with them, I start to be myself :)
I started to play League of Legends in November 2011 after that some friends of mine told me to try it. At the beginning I didn't understand how to play, I really sucked and I quit. Some months later, I decided to try again 'cause my friends told me that they should help me to play better and I bought my first champ: Annie. With their help I played better but Annie seemed to be not a good champ for me so I tried Teemo and was love at first sight *_* I tried Caitlyn too when she was in rotation as a free champ and I like her too. I'm not still good in game but I want and hope to improve in this game and I thank everyone who made and will make the guides :D