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Undying Swag & TheMightyPoopxD (Unverified)
Darius, Nocturne, Cassiopeia
Tank, Jungler, Caster DPS


(Please dont mind my summoner name(s) since i made it to troll a friend of mine!)
From: Denmark(EU)
Age: 18
Name: Louis
Summoner-name: Undying Swag(EUNE)
Summoner-name: TheMightPoopxD(EUW)

Playing in gold league IV(4) (omw to plat). I'll soon setup a stream so i hope that you guys will follow me there!

Once i started playing League of Legends i played in the jungle, i've played nocturne allmost since i started on the game, actually he was the 3rd champion i bought. Once i got tired of playing jungle then i started to play in the bottom lane (primary adc) and when i got to 30 and i started playing ranked i got facinated by mid and jungle again, so those to became my main spots at that time. In Season 2 i felt for toplane, the idea of playing in a 1v1 lane with the threat of being ganked by a jungler (since usually in the most cases either top or midlane gets camped quite abit). So i started playing top and jungle and stopped playing middlelane and now i play mainly top and mid since i like the way you can carry with different champions in the different lanes and now where bruisers are populair in the mid lane then that also fits right in for what i like to play.
Around 1 year ago i were stuck at ~1000 elo but i managed to carry myself all the way up to my current raiting which is between 1600-1700elo (you can check it on my
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