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Amumu, Heimerdinger, Leona
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Hello there, my name is ap00pnugget. I enjoy long walks on the beach and....

Just kidding.

I've been playing LoL for almost 2 years now. And I've spent at least 100 dollars on it. Do I regret it? Not at all :D

I love tanking, when I want to go hard in the paint, I pick a tank. My favorite tanks are Amumu, Leona and Alistar.

My first champion was Miss Fortune, and I sucked as her. I bought a skin for her and I still have it. I keep saying to myself that I should try her out again, but unfortunately, I either forget or procrastinate.

I play a lot of Xbox. A lot. Some might say too much. I think not enough. Gears, CoD, and Halo are my favorite games. Mostly because of their awesome multiplayer. My favorite single player games are any made by Bethesda. (Fallout 3, Skyrim, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic etc.)

I love Spanish Rice, to me it is the tastiest thing ever. EVER. I also enjoy smoothies. I have broken 2 blenders because of excess smoothie making. To me it's sort of an art. I throw random fruits and yogurts in to a blender, then see what happens. If it tastes good, I remember it, otherwise I give it to my younger brother.

My favourite movie of all time is most likely Lion King, Wall-E or Up. Most animated films I love. My favourite thing to do besides video games is running, longboarding, drumming or hanging out with my friends.

If I could meet one celebrity, it would be Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are one of my favourite bands and he is the coolest drummer in the world.

I hate advertisements. I'm looking at one right now, and I want to hurt it.

I love Mobafire, any time I'm on the computer I have it open. Best website ever besides Wikipedia. I like that a lot.