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Arcana3's Mobafire Blog

29 Nov
Well as the title says, im clearing out the ol' sig thingy. Been full of sigs over two years, and its time to tuck them to bed and get new ones <3 Looking at the same piece of art gets boring somewhat, so time for me to order new sigs :D And maybe an new Ava to match my name XD I think everyone's technique has developed over the years so if you want to see some of you're old sigs, come give it a look <3 Well on that note, TIME FOR NEW SIGSS YEAHHHH! (Fyi, all sigs i ordered in October on, shall not be removed, ik which sigs are from that time period :3)...
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03 Oct
Well guys, im asking all you 1450+ elo players to help me get a gold ranking. I'm currently sitting at 1294 (Which will change i assure you), and need some help getting to gold... Anyone willing to help me out? I usually play at least 5-7 games a time when I have a computer that doesn't have a time limit on it. Anyone up for helping me :D
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02 Jun
Well with summer dead ahead, and school coming to a close, it means that I gotta give back the computers i borrowed from the school... Because of what my Mom did, I have no computer to be on... I might show up time, from time again, but really I won't be around anymore... So I wanted to say goodbye, until I get a new computer... Idk if anyone's going to miss me, but I should at least say good bye :(

Thanks Moba, for all the fun times! Until I get a new computer (Could take 3-4 months...) I'll be gone D: No streams, no theroycrafting, no moba... Man... But maybe i'll see you guys some...
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