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Light Blue Skies (Unverified)
Rammus, LeBlanc, Riven
Tank, Caster DPS, Melee DPS


Why hello, hello, hello.

The name is Nicholas Scott Montgomery, or Nick, as everyone likes to call me. I have a few nicknames, as well, such as HarHar given to me by my dear friend, Brittany Pomales and used frequently in Insomnia, a little guild thing on one of the many MMOs that I play. Another one is Saeraphim, which is the name I go by when I'm nerding around with my friends at AmpGard, a small organization of people who run around in armor and hit each other with swords made of foam. Quite the workout and a good little adrenaline rush here and there. Anywho, just Nick will be fine. Anyways, not much to say, colors are cool, books are good, anime is fun, and music is just wonderful. Love my music. ♥ If you ever want to hit me up, just do so. Single, too, but I'll be fixing that issue here soon. Forever alone? Maybe, but I have great friends who I know have got my back. Now call me a man ***** and give me a hug. ♥