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Mar 26th, 2014


I've been playing league since season 1 christmas times. Started off by playing whatever wherever, like everyone does when they first start playing. My first main role was support, but felt like I couldn't do much as a support when season 2 came so I transferred to midlane, maining Kassadin. I played mostly midlane through whole season 2, with Orianna, Kassadin, Karthus and Vladimir. When season 3 came I started playong a little bit top and made a team with friends of mine. After i played top a lot and we won many matches It kinda got boring, since i thought toplane was too easy. So I went to midlane. Then I started playing Jayce mid, specially in ranked, since he got a nerf and no one played him anymore, I achieved a 86% winrate with him, as he was very strong. And at the end of season 3 I moved to the role of jungler. Where I enjoyed myself, thou I was a very aggresive jungler, i had to slow down when season 4 came, and the wards got changed, no oracle harder to gank. I quickly changed my jungler rooster, and currently use Lee Sin, Pantheon, Evelynn and Kassadin.