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My name is Kevin, I am a Swedish student working part-time for a German gaming company. I spend quite alot of time playing all kind of games and been doing so since I was four(4). I can't really remember what my first game was but I think it was "Mulle Meck Bygger Bilar" on a burned copy. I can clearly remember as a child walking passed a Display window with "Mulle Meck Bygger Flygplan" when I was five(5) years old and yanked my fathers jacked and said "Oouh! It's Mulle Meck!". Though at the time I knew that 50 euro was abit to much for a game. Now when I think about it, The graphics were ****pier than even the ****piest flashgame.

That was a big part of my gaming childhood; Well, not the biggest part, of course. The Elderscrolls III is what amazed me the most. My father had in some way acquired some contacts that managed to get him the game two(2) years before it came out in Sweden(According to my father, I'm not that sure). Now back in those days the gaming industry wasn't as big as now and piracy(The Pirate Bay came out one year after Morrowind was officially released.) was in the form of burning CD's. Well, That was when I was six(6) years old. I watched my father play it for maybe two(2) years before I actually dared to try it. The only english words I knew at the time was "Yes" and "No".

So at the age of eight(8) I found several of awesome new stuff in this game that I had never experienced before, One of them being magic swords and another being bugs. Since this wasn't the final version of the game it had alot of bugs. I don't know if they were ever found and fixed but I do know that I could at level one(1) get a full level forty(40) daedric armor by making "Bound" weapons and armor. Basically what I did was that when I realised that the armor I had summoned disappeared after 40 seconds I decided that I'd drop them out of my inventory, walk out of the room for 2 minutes until I was sure the spell was over and walk back in, Pick them up and have permanent daedric armor! Pretty impressive for an eight(8) year old, wasn't? :)

Also, I am not against Piracy, I do occasionally pirate some games, it's no secret. But I do buy them aswell if I am pleased. It actually happens sometimes that I get so bloody tired of the download so I just get my self to the store, Pay the shopkeeper and go home just to find out my computer is to ****py to play it. Now even if it's supposed to be able to take the game my computer never wants to install .Net Framework 3.5 so I miss out on alot of gaming oppertunities. Not to worry though, Buying a new computer before Skyrim comes out!

Now, You might think "Geez, Kevin! What's with the essay here?!". Well, I mentioned that I am working for a German Gaming Company before, And this is what I do. I am a writer. I verbally design the games on online conferences. I am also an Alpha Tester for the game we are creating now (Can't tell you much about the game, But when it goes public I'll let you know!) and hopefully at some time when it goes public I'll be incharge of the community, the expansions and patching.

That is about it. I doubt many will read this and if they do try I doubt they'll get this far down but if you've arrived here, Please feel free to ask me any question at all. If it's inappropriate or something I cannot answer about the game, I will either disregard it or tell you I cannot say.