Let's say that little Tommy makes a Taric guide. Yay for Tommy! After his initial 20 votes, he comes out with a score of 72% and it's displayed as #5 on the list of Taric guides. Not bad for his first guide.

Over the course of a few months, the people who hold the #1 = #4 Taric guides grow disinterested in maintaining their guides. They archive, or they don't update so they expire and get hidden by the freshness filter.

However, all of this time, little Tommy has been updating his guide and maintaining it. And since the other 4 abandoned their guides, he is now #1. Tommy is, of course, elated! He went from being #5 to being #1! And so, as the top rated guide, new players in search of Taric guides would instantly go to his guide as it was top ranked, use it, and vote on it. Before long, Tommy had a 90%!

Then one day a user named SirThroatLaggerJoxVynMawJan3100D dropped by and told little Tommy, "Son, your **** sucks." Little Tommy was upset. Surely he had reached #1 because his guide was ~awesome~! He defensively told SirThroatLaggerJoxVynMawJan3100D, "But my guide is #1. It works for me, and many others!"

No one quite knows what happened to little Tommy, but they say if you check the Taric guides, you'll still see his freshness as green...