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astrolia's Mobafire Blog

12 Feb
Once upon a time there was a fair princess named Mulan. In her kingdom, she was loved and celebrated by her people. Mulan went on a journey to visit Snow White's territory to teach the people of the land about her homeland's tea hoping to trade with them for other goods. Even though it was foreign territory, she went in optimistic. However, Snow White - the Queen Bee of her own fairy tale, of course - took issue with her Chinese tea. She much preferred the British tea that already existed and vocally expressed her dislike of the Chinese tea Mulan brought with her. Mulan became very...
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22 Nov
By request of PsiGuard, here is my season 4 support guide.

Note: I've played approximately one game in S4. (As AD carry bruiser assassin enforcer fighter tank counter jungler J4.) [In other words, this is roughly 99% sarcastic.]

STEP 1: Pick a strong duo lane consisting of characters who don't suck complete *** early game (any combo of melee/bruisers/CC bots). It doesn't matter which character you decide to "support" as. Do you want to play something like Darius and Pantheon or Zed and Riven in a lane? Go ahead.

STEP 2: If you have an actual ranged AD carry, send them mid...
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07 Nov
Let's say that little Tommy makes a Taric guide. Yay for Tommy! After his initial 20 votes, he comes out with a score of 72% and it's displayed as #5 on the list of Taric guides. Not bad for his first guide.

Over the course of a few months, the people who hold the #1 = #4 Taric guides grow disinterested in maintaining their guides. They archive, or they don't update so they expire and get hidden by the freshness filter.

However, all of this time, little Tommy has been updating his guide and maintaining it. And since the other 4 abandoned their guides, he is now #1. Tommy is, of...
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