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Azalea's Mobafire Blog

07 Jan

Views: 573 Miami, FL

Contrary to my last blog post, I was in Miami for the last 4 days. Woo! I was able to skip the arctic blast that swept through the northern part of the country, thankfully. Gosh, so many stories to tell. I went to Miami because my grandparents' siblings live there, and my grandfather wanted to visit them (he and GranGran came for Christmas) before they went to see Allah. Anyways, so we got there I got to try real native Arabic food. I have to tell you guys that the food tasted absolutely ****ing amaz-scratch that, it actually tasted like ****. I wanted to throw up just by the...
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22 Dec

Views: 1203 The Cold

I cannot stand the cold. It's just so ******** ****ing freezing. Today wasn't too bad, it was in the 60's (Farenheit) where I live. AND GUESS ****ING WHAT? I'M ****TING SICK. My throat, bones, and muscles ache like hell. I have nasal congestion and my I keep coughing up mucus ㅡ and it's just purely disgusting. *welp* On the plus side of things, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays to you guys, if you celebrate Kwanza or whatever you celebrate. Hope you guys enjoy your times with your...
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