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Abe Lincoln Bot (Unverified)
Yorick, Taric, Evelynn
Support, Tank, Melee DPS



Tis I, Abe Lincoln Bot! But you can call me Bam, or Brandon, whichever you prefer. I haven't been playing league of legends long, obviously if I'm not even level 30 yet. I'm not even gonna try to call myself a pro by any means or lift myself up cause frankly I'm not that good yet. But, I'm learning. I'm learning quickly. And yeah, you just gotta be patient cause I'll get their eventually haha.

My current best character in PvP is Yorick. He's the character I bought when I first started playing and I've played him all the way through. About 18-ish I started switching off between him and Taric and I've gotten decent at support with him. Again, I'm not pro with either of these characters by any means so do not argue with me, I know you're better with them lol. They are just the best I'm with. I've also recently taken an interest in learning to play Evelynn just in case, now that she's not useless anymore lol.

I used to play here all the time on my old account before I lost the login information to it. I believe the username on it was actually Evelynn Bot or something to the sort. But yeah, I have a screen shot of my most recent matches, I believe it was around like level 5-10 lol. Every score had 15+ kills including a dominating 40/0/8. But again, it was against complete noobs so I don't even count it. Just got lucky lol.

Anywho, I'll quit rambling, if you wanna play sometime, I like to just goof off and talk in teamspeak and just have a good time. And I tend to trash talk the bots and other players even though they can't hear me lol. But yeah, I'm really easy to get along with as long as you're not a douche. :D

Abe Lincoln Bot