So I was talking with my brother after last night's inhouse, and he discovered for the first time that we had video logs of many of the games. And while I've been watching them as they came out, I do not have a list of all the games that I have been in. So, I've compiled a list of screenshots and videos of the games I've been a part of.

Some are games on NA (main account, full runes, lots of champions), some are on the EU West on my account (smurf, one rune page, less than 20 owned champions), and finally, some are on GMD's account on EU West.

EU 06/08/2012
5v5 SR, Mid Gragas, 3/4/13 L
5v5 SR, Top Wukong, 0/3/0 L
5v5 SR, Jungle Cho'Gath, 0/3/7 W
5v5 SR, Top Darius, 6/12/10 L

NA 06/09/2012
5v5 SR, AD Jarvan, 4/6/3 L
5v5 SR, Mid Gragas, 0/3/1 L
5v5 SR, Terror Top Vlad, 17/5/16 W

NA 06/15/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Udyr, 5/8/3 L
5v5 SR, Support Sona, 0/8/10 L

EU 06/15/2012
4v4 SR, Top Jax, 1/4/1 L
4v4 SR, Jungle Warwick, 0/5/1 L
5v5 SR, Support Soraka, 0/4/15 W
5v5 SR, Support Nunu, 0/8/3 L
5v5 SR, AD Twisted Fate, 1/2/1 W

NA 06/23/2012
5v5 SR, Top Yorick, 4/2/6 W
5v5 SR, Solo Bot Kennen, 9/2/5 W
5v5 SR, Top Vlad, 5/7/9 W

NA 06/29/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Darius, 1/0/5 W
5v5 SR, Top Darius, 15/3/11 W

EU 06/30/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Olaf, 7/9/8 L
5v5 SR, Support Alistar, 0/2/0 L
5v5 SR, Top Warwick, 1/6/0 L

EU 07/14/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Amumu, 1/2/1 L

NA 07/14/2012
5v5 SR, Top Kennen, 4/3/19 W

EU 07/20/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Malphite, 0/10/7 L
5v5 SR, Jungle Mundo, 3/3/6 W

NA 07/21/2012
5v5 SR, Top Irelia, 2/2/0 L - Video
5v5 SR, Jungle Lee Sin, 5/1/5 W - Video

EU 07/28/2012
5v5 SR, Support Alistar, 1/0/10 W
5v5 SR, AD Ashe, 3/6/13 L

NA 07/28/2012
5v5 SR, Top Vlad, 1/2/8 W - Video

NA 08/02/2012
5v5 SR, Top Darius, 8/6/9 W - Video

EU 08/04/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Nocturne, 5/6/5 L
5v5 SR, Top Vlad, 0/2/0 W

EU 08/10/2012
5v5 SR, Top Yorick, 8/3/7 L
5v5 SR, Support Sona, 3/2/22 W
5v5 SR, Jungle Darius, 7/4/0 L
5v5 SR, Top Kennen, 4/3/3 W
5v5 SR, AD Ashe, 1/1/7 W

NA 08/24/2012
5v5 SR, Top Vlad, 2/2/3 W - Video
5v5 SR, Jungle Lee Sin, 1/0/15 W - Video Part 1 - Video Part 2

EU 08/25/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Garen, 8/6/2 L
5v5 SR, AD Tristana, 2/5/1 L

NA 08/31/2012
5v5 SR, Mid Kennen, 6/5/17 W - Video - Singed POV

Played AD 5 times: 2 W, 3 L
Jungle 13 times: 5 W, 8 L
Mid 3 times: 1 W, 2 L
Support 6 times: 3 W, 3 L
Top 17 times: 11 W, 6 L
Total K/D/A: 154/180/288

Most played champions: Darius (5), Vladimir (5), Kennen (4)
Win rates: Vladimir (100%), Kennen (100%), Darius (60%)

In the most recent Vladimir game, you can hear the commentators say that I play Vlad almost exclusively. I've played Vlad in 5/43 games (I've actually played Darius as much as I have Vlad). In the most recent Kennen match, you can see a targeted Vlad ban against me. Why bros be hating on my Vlad!?

GGs to everyone!

New games! Every inhouse from Septeber 2012 to November 2012 (will update new blog every two (2) months I think):

NA 09/07/2012
5v5 SR, Top Vlad, 4/5/4 L - Video
5v5 SR, Top Kennen, 5/0/3 W - Video

EU 09/08/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Alistar, 2/2/12 W
5v5 SR, Top Kennen, 1/6/2 L
5v5 SR, Jungle Rengar, 2/3/9 W
5v5 SR, Mid Ryze, 1/5/4 L

EU 09/15/2012
5v5 SR, Support Nunu, 0/6/7 L - Video (IceCreamy)
5v5 SR, AD Varus, 16/4/7, - Video (GMD)

NA 09/16/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Jarvan, 8/4/20 W - Video (EvilDice) - Video 2 (GMD)
5v5 SR, AD Ezreal, 14/2/17 - Video (GMD)

(8) EU 09/22/2012
5v5 SR, Jungle Lee Sin, 1/0/5 W
5v5 SR, Jungle Hecarim, 2/4/8 L