After the completion of my Solo Queue Adventures Builds thing, I started up my second solo queue game. I got duped into support Yorick, once again. But it was ok, the plan was for Master Yi to solo top (apparently was going to build beefy), Kog'Maw and I on bot, and Karma would mid.

Upon seeing the enemy team though, Master Yi lost his *****. He refused to go top, leaving me with him on bot, and Kog'maw fighting against Cho'Gath on top. It was really a mess round all over, with first blood at 3 minutes when Yi dove to catch a half health Skarner under the tower, with second blood quickly following (darn Sivir's passive). Not to mention that Karma and Master Yi were apparently both having internet issues as they stood helplessly in the middle of the lanes. Needless to say, insults began flying, and taunting from the other side ensued. It was a sad experience, and completely opposite from the first game I had.

Hopefully the next round will have 300% more awesome!