I seem to have misplaced some of my photos. I did all four of these games right on the same day, and lost my focus a bit on the first two: I have no screenshots of the results or loading screens. I shall whip this adventure series back into shape for the next 10.

Game: 7

I tried to play Kennen mid. I've always seen Kennen as a really strong mage, and with my recent successes at playing Ryze, I thought I might be able to handle a more challenging champion. I've played Orianna before, and she wasn't that hard. How bad could it really be? Teemo was not nice to me, and we'll leave it at that. I had 11 deaths, making up 1/3 of our team's total losses. To those players whom's game I ruined, I am deeply sorry.

Lesson Learned: Do not play new champions for the first time in Normal games. I don't know how other people do it and not look so silly.

Game 8:

Sona supporting a Teemo. Teemo, being his aggressive self, pushed bot lane to the enemy tower, and stayed there for several waves. After one wave last hitting under their tower, I pinged the retreat. Maokai would be swooping in any minute to kill us, we should pull back. But sadly, Teemo didn't listen, and he got ganked. And of course, it was my fault for not protecting him.

He didn't seem to learn his lesson though, as he got ganked four more times in lane. When teamfight time finally came around, the enemy bot lane and jungler were just too strong for us.

Lesson: Don't fall for the same tricky twice, and don't push your lane too hard.

Game 9:

Losing two games in a row relaxed me somehow. I didn't care anymore about our team compisition, or who was going to what lane. I picked Jarvan IV, grabbed smite, and locked in. Evelynn didn't notice that though, and locked in a moment after I did. She screamed, queue dodged, and we loaded into another lobby. I have to admit, it made me smile.

Lobby 2 went well, each guy magically selected decent champions, and there was smiles all around. I rushed to level 4, and headed to gank the enemy Swain. I need to work on my map awareness, and this was never more apparent than right here. The enemy Jarvan had just walked into mid, behind my Ziggs, and I snuck up behind Swain. Spells flew, minions died, Yordles were injured, Flags were raised, birds were squished. We got first blood, but Ziggs died moments later.

Which left me versus my evil twin on mid. Ziggs:"/all Nice gank Jarvan!", Swain:"/all You too Jarvan!"

Not the best ganks I've ever seen, but at least we're having a good time!

Top lane Sion was also doing some work, avoiding some serious triple ganks, while still managing to nab some kills on their Olaf.

Lesson: Play Jarvan more?

Game 10:

With the success of Jungle Jarvan in my previous game, I figured it might do well a second time around.

We got first blood when I ganked for Akali at mid against Kassadin. With Akali being the snowballer that she is, the next two times we ganked him really increased her damage. This got to her head a bit, and she gave up our first kill at around 13 minutes at a dragon teamfight. Despite her single death however, we were still in a commanding lead.

Our deaths were us being silly at their spawning fountain after they surrendered. We actually made it to their Nexus at 20 minutes, it was impressive.