So i am smurfing with a friend at silver rating and things are going well so far. There are however two huge things that silver players MUST keep in mind or this elo climb will become much harder.

Put pressure on the map:

Whether your jungling, supporting, AD carrying or sololaning you always need to put pressure. I don't care if you loose lane or not, but i will be pretty mad if your enemy laner keeps ganking other lanes without loosing anything. This goes for all lanes, since i have even seen BOTLANE roaming top a few times without getting punished at all.

How do you punish these things? Push your lane, take towers or force jungle pressure to the lane you are on as soon as you see your enemy roaming. Freezing lanes is only good if the enemy team doesnt take advantage of it. For example, if botlane freezes at their 2nd tower the enemy botlane will almost surely try and roam middle and take more towers. This does NOT happen if you push your lane to their tower, and you can be sure they will loose a lot of experience and gold to their tower(the tower gets the minion kills without

There are a few exceptions to this. For example, if im Kassadin against Sion you can expect him to roam more than me if his jungler keeps ganking mid. Everything is relative, but if you are camped without dying a lot your not letting their jungle get ahead/gank other lanes!

Never be useless:

It seems like every silver midgame each team tries to Group middle and take towers. This is very inefficient unless all your other lanes are pushing. It can also be effective if you have a pushing/poking comp. But DO NOT always go midlane midgame, as then you split all your experience and gold from one single lane.

Keep in mind that you need to be as time efficient as possible in order to stay up to par with your opponents when it comes to farm and level. Good players can more easily see where plays can be made, like for example shoving midlane and taking wraiths for extra gold/experience. This means wasting 3 minutes as a jungler earlygame without farming/putting Heavy pressure is far from optimal.

One thing to keep in mind is that once you fall behind in levels its hard to get back. This game snowballs like that.

Put pressure on smaller spaces by Zoning: