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05 Mar
Singed right now

Singed is just bad at the moment. He fills the role of a bruiser who relies heavily on staying alive as long as possible in fights to not be useless, but his lack of mobility and core items prevent him from surviving long enough to have an impact with his incredibly low range. He's honestly a worse Dr. Mundo at the moment, they aim for the same goals during teamfights but Dr. Mundo does the job better in every way. Singed arguably has a higher ceiling for effectiveness in any given fight but the requirements for it are impossible to...
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01 May
Movement speed

Trinity force + Zephyr gives more movespeed than any boots(apart from mobility boots out of combat, but even then this combination should be able to closely compete with them).

What about the specific boots bonuses?

Zephyr gives tenacity. Zephyr gives attack speed. Zephyr gives cooldown reduction. It is simply a combined version of most of the boots. The only stat it doesn't inherit is Ninja Tabi's. Getting Ninja Tabi's is a reasonable argument against heavily...
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11 Mar
So i am smurfing with a friend at silver rating and things are going well so far. There are however two huge things that silver players MUST keep in mind or this elo climb will become much harder.

Put pressure on the map:

Whether your jungling, supporting, AD carrying or sololaning you always need to put pressure. I don't care if you loose lane or not, but i will be pretty mad if your enemy laner keeps ganking other lanes without loosing anything. This goes for all lanes, since i have even seen BOTLANE roaming top a few times...
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