Movement speed

Trinity force + Zephyr gives more movespeed than any boots(apart from mobility boots out of combat, but even then this combination should be able to closely compete with them).

What about the specific boots bonuses?

Zephyr gives tenacity. Zephyr gives attack speed. Zephyr gives cooldown reduction. It is simply a combined version of most of the boots. The only stat it doesn't inherit is Ninja Tabi's. Getting Ninja Tabi's is a reasonable argument against heavily auto-attack reliant teams, but with Zephyr you should have much room for tankiness later on. Zephyr+ Trinity Force are two damage items, and 4 tanky items can be taken with them.

What is required:
  • A champion who can benefit from both Trinity Force and Zephyr. Because of this, most AP champions are out of question. But i can imagine it working well on Diana and a few hybrid champions.
  • A legitimate flat movement speed. Even though Zephyr and Trinity Force are both viable for [[Teemo], he is fully reliant on % movement speed boosts already. As you probably know, Flat movement speed scales well with % movement speed, vice versa.
  • Zephyr and Trinity Force only give 250 Health together. Health is needed. I like Kindlegem as an early item for most champions.

  • Gap for movement speed. Expensive movement speed. Because of this Movement speed Quints are definetaly an option on all champions.
  • Forced into item build. If either Trinity Force or Zephyr aren't built before midgame wou will find yourself kited hard. Because of this, having a pair of Boots of Speed can greatly help you if you don't find the farm necessary for this combination. Since they are so cheap, you can always sell them mid- lategame.

As explained earlier, this build should give more mobility, damage and survivability than any of the boots builds. Irelia is one of the more obvious cases since she greatly benefit's from both Trinity Force and Zephyr. Do you see that damage?

TONS of damage and incredibly tanky.