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When I was about twelve I borrowed Command and Conquer: Red Alert from my cousin. That was the first RTS that I ever played. I spent a lot of time making custom maps and had a lot of interest in building mazes for free-for-all type matches. I got really into Age of Empires after that. I loved the game but loved all the crazy cheats the most. I didn't do as much map editing with AoE. I was kind of late to get to it, but around 15, I started playing a lot of Warcraft II, especially "Compstomps" on I made a lot of maps for WCII, including mini replicas of places like Japan and Europe which I was really happy with and had a lot of fun showing to others and playing on. Although, it's not really an RTS, I played a hell of a lot of Heroes of Might and Magic III, still one of my all time favorite games. Then I got obsessed with the Dungeon Keeper series for a while, another favorite. I took quite a long break from RTS games for a while and focused mainly on MMORPGs, starting with Ultima Online and eventually playing WoW for quite some time. After I kicked WoW for the 4th time, I played a bit of the then older game Rise of Nations for a short while before getting sucked back into WoW for *hopefully* the last time. Somehow, I never played Starcraft. I learned about League of Legends after finding streams of it on, it intrigued me so I picked it up and haven't put it down.