So, aside from my most recent post regarding Galio's skin, I haven't posted bull-honkies on my blog in the last month. So let me give you an update.
Favorite Champs Right Now:

Really like how I have been doing lately. Surprisingly, not a lot of AP Carries in my list, which seems strange seeing as I usually play AP Carries. Other people have been taking middle lane lately. It's usually my buddy playing his main, Veigar, or someone just insta-locks Ziggs or Viktor, since the free-to-play champions kind of incentivise that.

So, when Riot hit Rammus with a **** ton of nerfs in a couple of patches a while ago (Literally just saying that he was over powered in the jungle), I pretty much gave up on him. But not too long ago I decided to run him in the jungle again. His Powerball is seriously good for ganking. You can run up from behind the middle lane enemy from their turret and flash, Powerball knockback, Puncturing Taunt, and assuming your middle lane doesn't have Downs Syndrome, you should have a free kill. Probably going to have to try Rammus a bit more.


I thought of making two builds, and actually began them. I did started a Yorick build focusing around Trinity Force, Atmogs, and Maw of Malmortius.

Also started a Jungle Leona build. While it is unconventional, I have found pretty good success with it.

If you want me to revisit and finish the guides make sure to post a comment.

Regardless, go ahead and throw your thoughts in the comment section below! I always enjoy hearing the community's thoughts.