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Sejuani, Lucian
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Black Dimension
Apr 25th, 2014
Aug 23rd, 2014


Coming from a background of programming & computer engineering, Jacob “Brayll” Wolf is a professional competitive gamer from Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently the Jungler for League of Legends team, Black Dimension, alongside Sheeptur, AValentiine, CharcoalRed, & Slavic Nation.

Beginning with a SEGA Genesis as a child, Brayll came into the gaming world with classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, & Street Fighter. Later to follow into consoles such as Gamecube & then XBOX & Playstation 2, casual gaming was Brayll’s forte; however, with the release of the XBOX 360 and Call of Duty’s World of War, Brayll was introduced to online competitive gaming. He began a YouTube channel under the name “WolfTrooperMania”, a combination of his then XBOX Live gamertag, “WolfTrooper” and of which the later half fit. After networking with many other gamers and hundreds of videos, the WolfTrooperMania gained a lot of recognition; however, finding a special love for music, Jacob decided to move on to the music industry, where he met fellow Black Dimension teammate, Ryan “Sheeptur” Lamb. Ryan convinced him to try out League of Legends, and after meeting the other teammates, Black Dimension was formed.