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Tristana, Caitlyn, Vi
Marksman, Fighter, Tank


I'm Bree, a 19-yo ADC main who is learning a little bit more about this game everyday.
I started playing in late 2016 (~6.23) after my girlfriend introduced me to the basics of LoL via streamers she used to watch. Nowadays I play with some friends I made in the game and with my little cousin. Digging into the role of ad carry, both Vapora Dark guides and my girlfriend's advices made me a Tristana main.
I suffer from GAD/general anxiety disorder which makes it difficult for me to focus on the details of the game, so it's very normal for me to get k/d/as like this one when I'm not playing Trist ADC with some friend as support. Because of this, I prefer to spend time on ARAM rather than normal Summoner's Rift games. Recently, though, I've been training my mind to focus and be a better carry for my team while having fun in a game that I like a lot.
Feel free to PM me if you want to talk to me about anything.
Score Card
I got my lv 6 mastery on this one K D A CS
AD 15 5 134
S 2 22 31
J 5 1 6 98
T 3 4 9 104
AP 8 4 7 134