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SP Brizi
Lucian, Brand, Elise
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Spirit eSports
May 18th, 2016


I am Brizi, the owner of Spirit eSports, currently I am looking for a roster, here's our info below.


We are a new eSports organization in the AM/Semi-Pro scene looking for a team roster. We have the funding and correct management skills needed to get us into tournaments and events, but we just need some bright players to show their worth and contribute to becoming true champions. This is the perfect opportunity if you're looking to advance in your skills into the eSports world of League, to prove to others your motivation and skills on the rift with a team winning championships, getting coached and learning more than you have before to help develop your skills as a player, and for the team itself. We are looking for all roles currently, but once we have those filled we will have tournament entries waiting for our arrival, meaning that once we show up we might not have the practice, but with analysts and coaches we will start getting a schedule together for practice, and help provide ease of mind knowing we will support you and help you advance with your skills. So if interested, please contact "SP Brizi" on NA, also you can follow us on twitter @SpiritESPORTSna

Ps: Lucian and Brand are love.