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Im 26 years old i just started playing League of Legends for about a week. I wanted to give up because i didnt understand the game. I wanted to stop playing because i felt like i dint belong on LoL. I started reading guides and Pro builds. I also studied a lot about the different Heroes and what there pros and cons are. I played a few rounds against the bots and boy did they kick my butt i just toughed it out and played for the win. Now after i found a few heroes i love and wanted to learn more about i just stuck with them and did my best im still learning but i love LoL. Thats pretty much my LoL bio in a nut shell. My real life im 26 i have a beautiful family and 1 baby hes 9 months old he will be 1 in april. Before i got married i was a hoodlum that ran the streets and got into trouble. Then something changed my life forever and will always change it to today. I was in a car accident when i was 15. I was paralyzed from the waist down. I was a passenger in the truck i was in heading to school untill the driver went into the ditch and we hit a culvert. The truck flipped about 8 times when the truck stopped on the roof the driver crawled out of the truck and left me to Die. I crawled out and i couldnt feel my legs. From that day on i have only wanted the simple things in life. I learned not to take anything for granted because it could be taken away from you so fast. I have always loved video games been playing since i was a little kid. I play xbox and pc games now. Anyways thats pretty much a little about me.