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Bryun's Mobafire Blog

23 Feb

Views: 911 Un-Archived & Updated!

I finally got to it. :)
Took me forever to learn all the new bbc coding. -_-
Still need to add gameplay and counter section, but for now I'm tired and going to do other things >:U

Hope you guys like it!
Feedback appreciated.

Thanks, Bryun.
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14 Feb

Views: 1095 Sorry for the Wait!

Sorry guys,
I've been prioritizing my life lately.
I'll get to updating my guide sometime this week. I have archived my guide for the time being until I can update it to my standards, as well as give other Akali guides some spotlight.

Though I really do need bbc coding help... I've gotten really rusty haha.

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06 Dec

I have to re-haul the thing.
Please be patient as I probably won't have it out until next week. I have finals going on and Season 3 had to come out right when I'm busiest.

Or should I just keep it archived. I don't update as much as I want too anymore, and I feel like I was doing the viewers injustice not updating the build when I had deviated from it a few months back.

Feedback appreciated.
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21 Sep

Views: 1486 Yay! I did it!

I achieved my goal! :D
This game I played Shen, and got a double kill in the first 5 minutes.
Then the rest was farming and ulting carries.

I did it!
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19 Aug
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted in forums. I've been trying to get back into the League of Legends scene because my friends recently got into it not to long ago, and I'm trying to teach them the ropes / have fun with them. :)
I'm looking to get into ranked as I don't lag like every two seconds anymore (NEW INTERNET, YES). So, duo-queue might be an option for me. :D

About my life so far, I've just quit my job recently because I'm going away for college. To be exact in about 3~5 days. It's very weird to think I'll be going off on my own, but I'm excited at the same time...
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