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bsurma's Mobafire Blog

08 Nov
... and it made me a little bit sad inside.

Because there are no legitimate jungle Mundo guides for Summoner's Rift, and after the buffs he's turned from a laughable champion to a monster. Clears camps in seconds, invades like a boss and can withstand serious punishment after 6 (but Ignite make Mundo cry :< Mundo sad)

What do you guys think, should I make one? Or is a guide for 5v5 jungle mundo already in the works? If so, let me know.
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20 Oct
My Darius guide has reached the top 3 and is #2 (at the time of writing this blog post)! Thank you for all of the support.

I think I've reached this point in the game when you can really see the difference between you and the other players. I really like the game, and that's why I'm doing so well and getting better day after day. The only thing I really lack is the art of not throwing random matches. hahaha

I'll get there.

Season 3, here I come. Tiem to make da playz!

Video for today:
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16 Oct

Views: 657 Welp...

School OP.

I was planning to get a second guide up and running, but I'm really overwhelmed with all of the work. Curse you, school!

I guess I just don't have time to do anything big here on this site at the moment. I can play League, nothing else, really.

Oh well, adding some more pics to my guide :3

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