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Burnboy37 (Unverified)
Garen, Yorick, Katarina
Tank, Support, Jungler


Nov 15th, 2013


Sex: Male
Location: Milky Way galaxy

Been playing LoL for almost 6 months now (as of 1/29/13) and I've come to very much enjoy LoL. I've done a few ranked games (currently 8-8 with a 1300 ELO) and while I feel I need to improve my play a bit, I believe that i could play in Gold ELO one day.

My best roles are Support (Alistar, Taric,& Soraka), Top (Garen, Yorick,& Kayle), and Jungle (Amumu, Nautilus,& Nocturne). Also even though I don't play Mid or ADC much, I am pretty good with Katarina, Master Yi (AP), Annie, and Caitlyn.