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GJS (Unverified)
Wukong, Morgana
Melee DPS, Caster DPS


Playing since: summer 2012
Objective: have fun, learn teambased games and help out team

Position ingame:
I'm relatively new to LoL. I played coop for a long time due to not wanting to burden pvp gamers with my noobiness. I've started playing pvp some time ago, but due to me being very busy with work lately I don't have much free time, and some days days I find myself just playing a quick coop game for first win IP. When I get more free time, I wanna get into the pvp game more, and ofc eventually ranked.

Let's talk champions:
Champions I play:
Wukong at top
Morgana at mid
Soraka at bot (support)

Champions I'm learning:
Ryze at mid
Taric at bot (support)
Tristana at bot (carry)
Nunu at jungle

I'm still looking for a tank. I've got my eye on a few possibilities. I'm waiting to try them out in f2p be4 deciding.