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Irelia, Swain, Olaf
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Veteran of many games across just about every platform and genre. FPS, RPG and platformers are my favorites. Avid MMO fan - Aion, STO, Guild Wars, CoH/CoV, Dofus... clean and sober from WoW almost 2 years after a 5 year bender. Loving League of Legends!
My motto (and don't hate me for it): everyone is ignorant. That's the short version. It boils down to the fact that everyone, everywhere is ignorant about something. More than likely they're ignorant of the things you know and you're ignorant of what they know. If you go into every situation remembering that those you're interacting with are NOT you and not in your head, that they're ignorant, life becomes much simpler and it's easier to get along with others.